Pay Back to Society

Return to Society

At La Fleur, we will donate to organisation Causes For Animals Singapore every month to help CAS local shelter needs.

I am an animal lover. I love dogs and cats the most, my family as well. I grew up with dogs that I used to live with since I was a baby. I believe in paying back to society especially to animals that need helps. I know I can't do everything, but at least I do something for them.

Animal doesn't have a voice and they are not a toy, there are a part of your family, not just another thing that you can just throw away. Love them, feed them and don't abandon them. For the law, it's a crime. For humanity, it's a disgrace.

Based on our understanding, donate for just $10 a month, you can help CAS fill the bellies of 1000 dogs and 250 cats or more. They have created food bundles that consists of kibble and canned food for the 5 shelter beneficiaries of CAS food drives.

It's a small sum but it returns for 365 days of healthy life.