Our Story

Welcome to La Fleur Handmade Jewellery Online Store
La Fleur Handmade Jewellery is a Singapore based handmade jewellery label since 2014. Our very first branding and company name was Bacteria Secret Handmade Jewellery and rebranded as La Fleur Handmade Jewellery in April 2021.
We have been found as a brand for its insistence on creating many quality jewellery pieces with natural flower petals, natural Gemstones, natural Seashells and fresh water pearls. Using only Sterling Silver, 925 Silver, 18K Gold Plated on Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel or Surgical Steel. We offer a sustainable range of classics that can stand the test of time when provided with proper jewellery care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make beautiful, sparkling jewellery that will bring you joy now through forever. We believe that even very special jewellery can be worn everyday. We maintain close partnership with master artisans who brings designs to life too. Many pieces are handcrafted with the belief that may jewel reflects a creative process and a deep relationship with the raw materials.


The collections of earrings are handcrafted entirely in solid Sterling Silver using traditional techniques to ensure the highest of quality in each piece.


 When I say "We", I really mean myself and my shop La Fleur Handmade Jewellery. I switch back and forth because this shop isn't entirely me. It extended me, my customers, my family, my friends, my environments, they make me who I am today and you are part of this too!